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Meth now coming through Mexican cartel pipelines is so cheap and pure that it is supplanting meth made in homes or soda bottles inside cars.
Our Mission
To ensure healthy homes, free of illegal drug lab contaminants, in the communities in which we operate by continually improving interior testing and decontamination technologies and processes.
Colorado Meth Lab Cleanup® Company is Committed to and Excels in:

Developing and implementing cost-effective solutions to provide our clients safe and liability free properties.

Being responsive to our clients’ needs. Understanding all their concerns and then exceeding their quality expectations in project schedules and performance.

Maintaining the utmost level of integrity in everything we do. It is our responsibility to be honest and openly communicate with our clients and regulators in order to provide the services and products in which we are trusted.

Concentrating on safety and health risk reduction. The safety of the public is our highest priority. Safety is embedded in our culture and is never compromised.
Colorado Meth Lab Cleanup® Company is an environmental company specializing in clandestine drug lab assessment, decontamination, training and meth residue testing products.
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